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Select one of the nine classes and join team battles of up to 8 simultaneous players on your NES*!

Each team has to capture the point and hold it long enough for their timer to reach 0:00.  Be careful, you cannot win if the point is being contested by both teams, if so, the game will go into overtime, letting the losing team catch up. The enemy players will respawn at the edge of the screen, so keep moving after defeating them to push them further from the objective!

The nine clases available are:

  • The Explorer: move fast and double jump, damage is greater at short distances
  • The Trooper: high health and area damage, shoot your feet to rocket jump
  • The Arsonist: high short range damage, aim your flames with UP / DOWN
  • The Explosives Expert: shoot pipe bombs that bounce around chaotically
  • The Strongman: keep your minigun spinning to reach maximum fire rate
  • The Mechanic: build a turret with SELECT and upgrade it with your wrench
  • The Doctor: heal your teamates, aim the healing beam with UP / DOWN
  • The Sharpshooter: shoot deadly bullets from a safe distance
  • The Secret Agent: become invisible with SELECT and stab to one hit kill enemies

*8 player mode is only available on an AV Famicom, or on an emulator


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SuperStrifeV1.2.nes 32 kB


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Is there a short game play video somewhere?

The game crashes in Mesen :'(  


Sorry, I havent had time to fix that, if you enable four score input it should stop crashing.

V1.2 working on Mesen for me now.

Any plans to make a single player option? 1 vs 7 cpu players would be fun for those of us without friends!

There's a posibility I add cpu players in the future, but an AI for this kind of game isn't trivial, and the game is poorly optimized at the moment.

Wow 8 players!

"*8 player mode is only available on an AV Famicom, or on an emulator"

wondering about a RertroUSB AVS?